4 Reasons to Paint your Home Interior this Winter

January 03, 2017 3 min read

A fandeck of paint color chips fanned out on top of a blue surface.

When most people think of painting their homes, they think of doing so in the summertime, early fall, or late spring. Basically, winter is the last season that comes to mind when determining when to paint your home’s interior. In reality, the winter is actually one of the best times for homeowners to consider a fresh coat of interior paint on the walls of the home. At Gleco Paint, we want to make sure homeowners are well informed before starting any project. Below, we have outlined some benefits to consider getting your interior paint project complete this winter.


Greater Professional Availability

One huge benefit to painting your home in the winter is the greater availability of contractors at this time of the year. The majority of homeowners choose the summer and spring seasons to take on home improvement projects. This leads to contractors having a lot of downtime when the colder weather rolls around. Not only will the contractors be able to work around your schedule, but they will also be able to complete the project quicker, as they won’t have a ton of other projects that also need their time and attention. This is optimal if you are busy and need a contractor that can be flexible with your schedule, as opposed to the usual of working around their schedule.


Paint Will Dry Faster

Did you know that your paint will actually dry a lot faster during the cool winter months as opposed to the summer months? The warm summer weather that everyone loves so much tends to also come hand-in-hand with humidity. Humidity is not ideal when painting, as it greatly slows the drying process. The winter air is cool and crisp, which will make the drying process quicker – meaning you can enjoy your renovated room much sooner! With the advent of low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints, there is no longer an issue of odors or chemicals in the air. There are some considerations to be made if it is a heated room. Due to the faster drying times of the newer paints, we recommend turning the heat off in the room for about an hour before you begin painting. Because heat rises and tends to suspend near the ceiling, this can cause too rapid drying and can lead to uneven color. By turning off the heat an hour prior to painting and then turning it back on after the room is completed, it allows the paint to dry evenly.


Lower Costs

In addition to contractors being generally more available in the winter, they are also less expensive. In fact, painting your home’s interior in the winter months costs an estimated 40% less than painting in the summer months! This is an excellent opportunity to save money while still achieving professional results, quickly.


Early Light

Are you doing the painting yourself? If so, the early light in the winter is an added bonus. The sun rises earlier during the winter, so you will be able to get your painting done earlier in the day. If you live in a snowy climate, the sun reflecting off the snow creates the perfect environment for bright light – a huge benefit when painting the interior! This bright, early light is optimal for covering the walls evenly and achieving professional results.


Buy High Quality Paint in PA at Gleco Paint

When painting your home’s interior, it is vital that you work with high-quality paint. A cheap, low-quality paint may leave your home looking less than desirable. At Gleco Paint, we help our customers pick the perfect paint for their home with the goal of achieving professional and stunning results. We only have the best interior paint brands for our customers, including Benjamin Moore, Coronado and Pittsburgh Paints.


We are committed to helping our customers nail down a design plan, connect with qualified contractors, and getting the right supplies to get the job done right. Be sure to contact us or stop by any of our Pennsylvania locations today to learn more about painting your home’s interior in the winter, and to buy high-quality paint from the experts at Gleco Paint. We look forward to working with you to make your home’s interior absolutely beautiful this winter!

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