4 Tips to Easily Paint Your Ceiling

September 28, 2018 3 min read

A woman wearing a dark blue ballcap, using a long paint roller to paint a ceiling white.

When people think of large painting projects, they often think of the exterior of the house or their bedroom walls, but there is another element of everyone’s home that often needs to be repainted as well. The ceiling is a place that many people dread painting for reasons from the strain on your arms to its drip-prone nature. Painting your ceiling does not have to be as intimidating and difficult as it might seem, and to help you out with your next ceiling painting job, we have put together a list of tips to help you easily paint your ceiling.

Cover Up

All paint jobs require proper protection, but ceiling projects are a little bit different since a messy outcome tends to be common. Remove furniture and wall decorations, and cover the floor with drop cloths to protect the room itself. Aside from your home, when it comes to keeping yourself paint free, make sure you wear a baseball cap and safety glasses. The cap will keep flecks of paint out of your hair and the glasses will allow you to look upwards at the places you are painting without worrying about getting paint in your eyes.

Prime and Sand Before You Paint

Covering the floor and yourself isn’t the only thing you should do to prepare for painting your ceiling. Many ceilings have unsightly stains, often due to roof leaks or spills, and these types of stains can be difficult to cover with regular paint. Before you paint, cover up any stains with primer to ensure that the new color of your ceiling will look well distributed and vibrant. You should also sand your ceiling before you begin painting. Untextured ceilings can easily collect particles between the layers of paint, as well as dust. If you give your ceiling a quick sanding before painting, your paint job will be smoother and the paint will easily bond to the surface.

Cut In First

The best way to paint your ceiling is to use a paint roller, but before you start rolling, you’ll want to cut in the edges and odd areas of the ceiling to make your painting job more precise. You should use a small brush for this part of the project and tape your walls if you aren’t planning on repainting them as well. Work the paint in towards the wall using long strokes and feathering the edges. Once you’ve cut in with your paint you can start to use your paint roller. Using a long handle (like a broomstick) will help you reach every part of the ceiling.

Paint in Sections

While using your paint roller, you should work in small, square sections. Working in squares is the best way to ensure that you are achieving full coverage. This will make it easier to remember where you have already painted and for you to take quick breaks to smooth out the paint with an unloaded roller. Also, make sure you roll in both directions (so that your coverage is smooth) and watch that the paint along the edge of each section doesn’t dry before you move on to the next one. Painting over these wet edges will give you the best result.

Buy Ceiling Paint at Gleco Paint Stores

For all of the supplies and resources you need for a successful ceiling paint job, you can count on Gleco Paint. With three locations across Pennsylvania and a huge variety of paint and stain options (including ceiling paint), we can help you get your painting project started and ensure that you have everything you need to make it a success. Contact us today for more information about the products we offer and with any questions you may have! We look forward to helping you get your next painting project started.

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