5 Tips for Using Dark Paint Colors Indoors

January 18, 2019 3 min read

5 Tips for Using Dark Paint Colors Indoors

Using dark colors within your home is often considered taboo because it is thought to make a room look smaller. At Gleco Paint we believe that there is potential for every color of paint we sell. While lighter colors give the illusion of brighter rooms and are ideal if you are considering selling your home, darker colors can have a dramatic effect on the tone of a room. To help you decide if a dark paint color is right for you, here are 5 tips to consider the next time you grab a paintbrush.

Know Where to Paint

If painted properly, dark colors can provide your room with a more dynamic feel. Play around with the features of your room and try to highlight certain areas to provide more emphasis on the layout. When using a dark color on walls with a low ceiling, paint the trim the same color as the walls – this hides the trim and makes the wall appear taller. Another optical illusion technique is to paint only one set of opposing walls to create feature walls. When you leave the second set of opposing walls a lighter color, the two darker walls will make the room feel longer than it actually is.

Blend Background Features

Large features of a room, like bookcases or mantles, may add the appearance of greater depth or height if painted the same dark color as the wall surrounding it. The blurred line where the furniture ends and the wall begins can also be used for wall shelves or light fixtures. Subtle additions to a dark wall allow for more pieces to be included without taking away from the room’s aesthetic.

Choose Contrasting Decor

When choosing a color for a room, contrast is very important. Similar to using dark furniture in light rooms, light furniture in dark rooms will help give the space that additional pop. Arranging wall decor with space in between can highlight the crisp, dark background color from the more colorful art. Lighter earth tones like beige and yellow work well with darker hues such as navy, eggplant, and black. A popular trend right now is blending dark green walls and dark wood furniture- this makes accent colors appear especially bold in contrast with the natural accents.

Utilize Natural Light

If not properly illuminated, dark rooms have the potential to feel smaller than they actually are. To keep this from happening, make use of natural light throughout the room. Opting for lighter-colored shades allows not only for a great contrast opportunity but for more light to enter the room. Mirrors are also great for maximizing natural light in a dark-colored room. Placing mirrors on walls opposite any window can have the dual effect of making the room appear brighter and larger. Consider changing your lighting to LED to brighten the room. The wrong lighting is often the difference between a dark room and a lighter room.

Pick The Right Finish

Choosing the right finish for your room is just as important as picking the right color. Matte finishes do not reflect light the same way a gloss or semi-gloss finish does. This shadowy effect sometimes blurs the edges of the room, causing it to feel bigger, and also makes art and other objects against the walls stand out. Glossier finishes can be used along the trim, doorframe, and windows for a sleek highlight. To make sure you pick the correct finish for your project, take into consideration aspects of the room such as size, lighting, and decor. At Gleco Paint, we can help you decide on your colors and finish.

Dark Interior Wall Paint at Gleco Paint Stores

Hopefully, we have convinced you that using dark-colored paints in your home will not make it feel like a cave, but instead give you a touch of elegance, so make sure to stop by one of our locations to let us help you pick the best color for your walls. We are proud to offer a wide variety of high-quality paints and supplies for all your painting projects. Contact us to schedule a color consultation with one of our paint experts today! We look forward to helping you with your next interior design endeavor.

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