Paint & Primer in One?

January 05, 2016 1 min read

A man and woman painting a wall using mint green colored paint.

Over the past several years many paint companies have been marketing “Paint and Primer in One” products to DIY consumers. These ads promise consumers that they will be finished their painting project faster by using one of these products. On closer inspection, the technical data sheets for these products show discrepancies between the marketing claims and the actual performance of the product.

The proper terminology for these products are “self-priming”. Benjamin Moore has created a superior line of paints that has self-priming capabilities.

What exactly does “self-priming capabilities” mean? Our definition is the ability to completely seal surfaces and provide an even foundation to support the finish coat. Long term adhesion of the topcoat is the key to a self-priming product, not hiding capability.

There will always be situations or substrates that require a separate primer to ensure paint adhesion and/or stain blocking. Some of these situations or substrates include bleeding wood, galvanized metal, grease stains and hard glossy surfaces. We also highly recommend a primer when painting brand new sheet rock.

The upside to this, is that, primer is generally much less expensive than paint and as a first coat will benefit you both in coverage and in cost effectiveness.

So, if you are unsure of whether or not a primer is called for on your project, stop by or give us a call at Gleco Paint. Click hereto find a location.

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