Tips for Picking a Color Palette for Your Home

December 16, 2016 3 min read

Tips for Picking a Color Palette for Your Home

Whether you’re buying a new home or you are looking to liven up your space, choosing a color scheme for your home can be overwhelming. While every room does not have to be painted the same color, you want a smooth transition from room to room. Use our tips below as inspiration to choose the ideal colors for your home!

Note Which Rooms are Visible to One Another

With open floor plans being more and more popular in today’s home design trends, before you start choosing colors, you need to walk through your house and see which spaces you can see from every room. You’re going to want to make sure that all rooms that can be seen together have a cohesive color plan.

Draw Inspiration from Furniture and Fabrics

If you do not plan on purchasing new furniture, you’re going to need to choose a color scheme that matches the current colors, patterns, and textures found in your pieces. Use accent pieces like rugs and throw pillows to tie in some pops of color that you can use in other rooms of your home.

Start With a Bold Color

If you love color and want to use a bright hue in your home, begin with that space and work around that room in your home. For example, if you want to paint your dining room a deep red, you may want to use softer, more subdued colors for the rooms next to it (like the living room and kitchen). Bold colors can be paired next to each other, but it does carry more risk, so be sure to be cautious when doing so.

Use Neutral Colors in Connecting Spaces

The best way to have your color palette work in your space is to use neutral colors to your advantage. Using shades of white, beige and grey in hallways and foyers can smoothly connect two bold color choices in other rooms of your home. That being said, if neutrals already play a large role in your color scheme, try experimenting with bright pops of color in small, connecting spaces to really make an impact.

Look for Help

If you have no idea where to begin, look online for color palette inspiration. Paint experts like Benjamin Moore release a color of the year along with a complementing color scheme to help you find inspiration for your home. Shadow 2117-30, the 2017 Color of the Year, is a rich, royal amethyst that can fade into a soft lilac-grey or morph into radiant coal.

Use the Color Wheel

The color wheel is a great tool to use to ensure your colors pair nicely together. Complementary colors can be found opposite of one another on the color wheel. While these colors are opposites of each other, they pair perfectly together. Analogous colors can be found next to the initial color you choose. An analogous color scheme can create a rich, monochromatic look. Triad color harmonies can be found by drawing an equilateral triangle on the color wheel. As long as the colors are carefully balanced, using triad colors can create a vibrant color scheme.

Best Paint Stores in Pennsylvania

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