Top Color Palettes of 2017

December 16, 2016 3 min read

Benjamin Moore's Color Trends 2017.

Interested in painting a room in your home and are unsure what colors are trending this season? Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to begin envisioning your space! Interior and exterior colors of a house are the most essential factors to creating the perfect home. With a wide variety of trending colors and color palettes in store for 2017, there are many different options to choose from! You can stick to the more neutral color palettes or get modern and creative with vibrant colors for your home. Explore our top picks of color trends this year to decide which color fits your personality and will give off the right vibe in your home.

Neutral Colors for Your Home

The great thing about neutral colors is that they can work with any season of the year and they never go out of style! Here are the top neutral color trends for 2017.

White Color Palettes

White is a timeless color for any room in your home! It has recently gained popularity because of its versatility and all of the different shades you can combine with it. Shades like Benjamin Moore’s Chalk White and Cloud Cover look great with any color combination and in any room of your home.

Black Color Palettes

If we talk about white being a trending color for the upcoming year then we must mention that black is also a trending color! This is because both of these colors are constantly being paired together in new house projects. Benjamin Moore listed their shade Ebony King as one of the trending colors of 2017. The black and white theme has been extremely popular in kitchens and bathrooms.

Gray Color Palettes

While gray isn’t exactly a new color trend, it is expected to grow even more popular in 2017. It serves as a nice accent color, especially when mixed with black and white. It also is gaining popularity in outdoor furniture and siding paint. Try incorporating shades like Benjamin Moore’s Stormy Monday or Sea Life into your home.

Calming Colors for Your Home

Blue Color Palettes

Due to the amount of different shades of blue available, blue is expected to be more popular than ever in 2017. Whether you’re looking for a lighter shade, like Benjamin Moore’s Iceberg, or more of a blackened blue like their shade Gentleman’s Gray, incorporating blue into your home will evoke calming and relaxing emotions. That’s why it’s a great color to use in your bedroom!

Purple Color Palettes

With Benjamin Moore naming Shadow their 2017 color of the year, you can expect purple to be a prominent color in the upcoming year. This rich and royal amethyst color is a master of ambiance and can be used in any space. Because of its calming and regal nature, more and more homeowners are incorporating purple into their home.

Green Color Palettes

With its sophistication, green has become more and more popular this year, and we believe it’s going to continue to gain popularity in 2017. Green has been paired in many dining rooms and living rooms with neutral colors and furniture. Some of the more popular shades are Benjamin Moore’s Guacamole, and blue-green shades like Sea Star and Salamander.

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