Wooster 18" Frame

  • Sherlock Wideboy features extra-strength wing nut design to adjust and hold the frame arms. Simply loosen wingnuts, slide the arms to the desired width, insert the roller cover, then tighten wingnuts. Works with 12" to 18" covers and R087 and R088 endcaps. Rigid tubular steel resists pressure for excellent results on floors, walls, or ceilings. You can feel confident knowing Wooster is the name behind your painting tools.
    1. Adjusts to hold roller covers 12 Inch to 18 Inch long with 1 1/2 Inch standard or 2 1/4 Inch jumbo Diameter and can be used with all nap heights
    2. Extra strength wing nut design perfect for floors or other heavy duty applications
    3. Rigid tubular steel frame arms and a durable fiberglass reinforced nylon body
    4. Reinforced threads and is Sherlock GT compatible