Allprime Shellac Primer

  • Looking for a “silver bullet” primer that covers everything unwanted? Use the one contractors keep in their vans. Seals severe stains caused by water, fire, or smoke damage; blocks knots and sap streaks, and stops stubborn bleeding stains of any kind. ALLPRIME™ Shellac-Base Primer Stain Blocker is guaranteed under any topcoat, and will permanently seal persistent odors caused by smoke, pet accidents, food smells - even musty odors. 
    1. Shellac-base primer-sealer
    2. Permanently seals in every stain
    3. Greatest stain sealer that makes any paint job look great and last longer
    4. Sticks to any surface without sanding 
    5. Seals pet, smoke and musty odors
    6. For interior and spot exterior use 
    7. Lightning fast dry - re-coat in 45 minutes