ALLPRO® Premium Sanding Sponge

  • Take sanding to another level with the Allpro premium sanding sponges. They are the most innovative sponges on the market outperforming traditional sanding sponges by lasting longer, cutting faster, and providing much better finishing results. The anti-clog coating reduces build-up resulting in faster and better cutting and less down time all while saving you money by using less sponges. The integrated foam has unbelievable comfort and allows for industry leading control while working.
  • Integrated, ultra premium foam block foam for maximum control and comfort. Use on wood, metal, fiberglass, painted surfaces, and more.
  • Cut longer and more efficient with the high performance grain and anti-clog coating that resists dust and particle build up.
  • GREEN 80grit: Perfect for wood leveling, stock removal, rust removal, paint removal on multiple surfaces.
  • RED 120grit: Moderate surface prep. Perfect for raw surface prep on wood, fiberglass, and metal.
  • YELLOW 220grit: Fine cutting. Best for scuffing & dewhiskering primers, sealer, and base coats. Perfect for smoothing raw wood.