DTS 400 REQ Orbital Finish Sander

  • Festool’s new DTS 400 REQ sander has many new improvements such as a more powerful motor, pad protector, locking dust port, optional reusable dust bag and improved soft grip making this product a huge improvement from previous versions. Don’t have a Festool CT Dust Extractor? No worries, the new reusable bag allows for a dust-free workspace as well as the new 250W motor offering a faster performance of up to 25%.

    Festool prides in being the complete solution to all sanding needs by creating a system that sands, extracts dust and has long wearing, easy to use abrasives perfect for the project at hand. The Festool system allows for dust-free with low vibration creating the perfect combination for a perfect finish with little to no clean up required compared to other methods. Also has a longer service life and a three-year warranty.

    1. Vibration stop provides lower vibration and easy to use balanced feel.
    2. Great dust extraction even without CT Dust Extractors with the reusable bag for a cleaner worksite, cleaner air and higher quality finishes and longer lasting pads and abrasives.
    3. One-handed sander with a narrow rectangular pad (3-5/32" x 5-1/4") ideal for sanding on edges and frames.
    4. Its compact design and low weight make it great for overhead or vertical surfaces making it a great all-around sander. 
    5. True orbital sanding motion will minimize swirl marks and by allowing for full pad contact and will create smoother surfaces.
    6. StickFix Hook & Loop design makes changing between grits or re-using abrasives allows for fast and productive abrasive changes.
    7. Plug-it Power Cord
    8. StickFix Sanding Pad
    9. Clean-Tec bayonet-style dust port to retrofit older hoses
    10. T-Loc Systainer 
  • Dust Extraction Port
    27 mm
    Power Consumption
    250 watts
    Sanding Stroke
    5/64" (2mm)
    6,000 - 12,000 opm
    Pad Size 4" x 6" (100 mm x 150 mm)
    7.48 lbs