3 Unique Painting Ideas for your Living Room

August 29, 2019 3 min read

A living room with a light red ombre painted accent wall, with a  beige couch and burgundy and pink pillows, on a light grey floor with a light pink area rug.

The living room is exactly what it sounds like – it is a place within your home where you will spend the most time in. You use your living room for all sorts of activities like entertaining friends and family, reading your favorite book, or even binge-watching your favorite TV shows. It doesn’t matter how you utilize the space, it is still the number one room in the house that everyone gravitates towards. So why not make the most popular room in the house the most unique, enticing, and interesting place to be? An easy and cost-effective way to create a more unique living space is with the power of paint. Continue reading to discover fascinating, inspiring, eye-catching, unique paint ideas for your living room.

#1. Ombre Wall

By definition, the term “ombre” means having tones of color that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark. Having an ombre design in your home is extremely trendy right now. There is no denying the mesmerizing results from having an ombre wall. There are many different ways to take on the ombre wall design. The obvious choice is to pick one color and have lighter and darker shades fade into each other. The other option is to choose two or more different colors to blend into each other such as dark blue, pastel blue, and light gray – going from a bold darker tone into a faint lighter shade. Often times, having more than one color can really enhance the ombre effect and can help highlight other elements and accents in your living room – such as your sofa, rug, lamps, etc. The ombre wall has the power to make your living room dramatic and tranquil simultaneously!

#2. Wall Stencils

Painting with wall stencils is back, and more beautiful than ever! Stencils are used for interior walls with unique designs. Having plain solid color walls in your home can be boring, and implementing wallpaper is not always the easiest task to put up or takedown. That’s why stencils are a perfect choice! There are thousands of different patterns that exist to suit anyone’s preference. Painting with wall stencils has the ability to give your living room a sense of sophistication, texture, and character – and on a budget! Not only do you get the beautiful designs on your walls but you also get to pick the colors you want. Painting with wall stencils is completely customizable – giving you the freedom to do anything you want with your living room.

#3. Create a Personalized Message

Create an inspiring and moving design by simply painting a personalized message on your living room walls. Instead of buying expensive art pieces that resemble no value in your personal life – have the art be your message written on your interior walls. It can be something motivational or impelling that translates into a piece of art. Depending on the size and layout of your living room you can make the message massive, narrow, slanted, etc. – this is all your preference. Painting a message on your living room walls is a cost-effective and unique way for your living room to be special. 

All The Paint You Need at Gleco Paint Stores

Your living room is the place where you live – so make it beautiful and unique with these awesome paint ideas. At Gleco Paint Stores, we pride ourselves in offering only the best high-quality paints, stains, and supplies. We also provide color consultations to help you with the decision on the perfect paint color for your home. We can guarantee we have the color that you are searching for. We look forward to meeting you! Contact us or visit one of our three locations across Pennsylvania today.

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