How to Prepare the Outside of Your Home for Summer

June 13, 2019 3 min read

How to Prepare the Outside of Your Home for Summer

Say “hasta la vista” to the dreary winter and “hola” to the upcoming sunny summer! It’s about that time of year to spend most of our days outside enjoying the sun and soaking in some Vitamin D. Summer is the best time to have friends and family over for parties, activities, and good fun. But before you send out those invitations, you have to get the outside of your house ready. The harsh winter has left its mark on the exterior of your home. Don’t freak out! – Keep reading to learn how to prepare the outside of your home for the season of summer.

Paint Your Deck

You can’t go wrong with staining your deck! Re surfing it with a natural wood hue is usually the go-to – but the trend this year is to paint your deck! Painting your deck will give your entire backyard a new facelift. You have the power to choose any color or colors you want. Paint is solid, so it provides an opaque finish to the old color or stain. Also, paint is a much thicker finish which means it can be useful for repairing wood that may be damaged or can fill in gaps and cracks on your deck. Plus, paint is much more protective of wood than other finishes, so you won’t have to worry about wear and tear. Paint has the power to protect your deck from rot, mold, and sun damage! A plus is that paint is so much easier to clean (besides using the color white). Using high-quality paint means it will create a hard shell that makes dirt typically just wash right off!

Paint the Exterior of Your Home

It’s a beautiful summer day where your guests are relaxing on your beautifully painted deck enjoying a refreshing beverage, but all they can see is the eyesore from the exterior paint on your home The exterior of your home could be unwelcoming with cracking, peeling, and fading. Your home’s exterior has been exposed to harsh elements over the different seasons and now needs a fresh coat of paint! Exterior paint can act as a protective shield. High-quality paint can withstand natural elements that could potentially cause major damage to your homes, such as moisture and insects. This summer It’s time to add some curb appeal and be the best looking house on the block.

Paint the Doors and Trims of Your Homes Exterior

Painting the exterior trim of your home shouldn’t be a long extensive task, but it can be tedious. Painting the trim is one of the best and easy ways to elevate the exterior look of your home. Once again, the paint will perform as a protective layer to your home from mother nature’s damaging elements! Painting the exterior doors is even easier! By simply removing the hardware from the door, sanding, and then painting, doors usually aren’t a time heavy task to paint. Your toughest task would be which color to choose! A striking color on the front door will be welcoming for everyone when they come to visit this summer!

Exterior Paint, Products, and Supplies at Gleco Paint Stores

Get the best exterior paint and equipment to prepare the outside of your home for the summer at Gleco Paint Stores. Visit us or shop online and pick up in store at one of our three convenient locations across Pennsylvania. The Gleco Paint employees are here to help and support you with all your painting needs. Our professional and friendly staff will guide you with choosing the perfect paint color for the exterior of your home, a fresh deck stain, or having the right tools to make your project easier for you. Contact us today for more information about the products we offer and to get the outside of your home ready for summer today!

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