Graco’s 6 foot pole gun is part of a full line of Extended Reach Tools for use with airless paint sprayers. A great accessory to have for hard-to-reach areas like soffits, stairways and vaulted ceilings. Extend your range and spray more efficiently without ladders or scaffolding.


  • CleanShot Shut-Off Valve: Unique needle valve shuts fluid off at the tip for a clean pattern – no spitting. 180-degree tip swivel provides versatility when spraying walls and ceilings. Pressure-actuated – operates at a minimum of 700 psi (4.8 Mpa, 48 bar)
  • Contractor In-Line Valve: Can be used with other extended reach tools such as Heavy Duty Extensions and Telescoping Extensions for Pressure Rolling. Provides a straight connection to extensions for the most optimal rolling position. In-handle paint filter and built-in swivel connection for top spraying performance. Ability to rotate 180° allows spraying in any position.


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