Outfitted with the proven Graco Endurance Pump, this sprayer is built to last. These pumps feature long life V-Max Blue Packings,  a Chromex Rod and hardened stainless steel cylinder. The fluid pump features a three-year overall warranty.

The Ultra Max II 490 has a brushless DC motor with enclosed design to protect internal components and has a lifetime warranty. The motor is compact, lighter than competitor models, and delivers higher horsepower per wall amp.

This 490 is equipped with SmartControl 2.0. This advanced microprocessor control delivers a consistent spray fan at all spraying pressures and a zero deadband at lower spraying pressures which makes this an ideal sprayer for fine finish work.

Graco BlueMax II airless sprayer hose. Flexible, coil-memory resistant, conductive core for safety.

Like the rest of the current Graco Contractor Series sprayers, the 490 has an Easy Out Pump Filter which filters from the inside out so it won’t collapse or get stuck when removed. Also, the filter comes out with the cap for less mess to help ease cleaning. Replacement filters are available in several mesh sizes to help fine-tune your sprayer to the material you are spraying.

The NEW Graco Contractor 2-finger gun that comes with this sprayer has an in-gun filter that resides in the handle to help ensure a clean spray. Replacement filters are available in 2 mesh sizes - standard 60 mesh for most applications and 100 mesh for fine-finish work.

You simply can't go wrong with this quality sprayer made by the largest manufacturer of airless paint equipment


  •  50' Hose (1/4")
  •  Contractor Gun
  •  RAC X Tip (517)

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